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All Villas in Pattaya, Holiday Villas with Private Access Swimming Pool

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Villas in Pattaya, holiday pool villas in Pattaya with nice atmosphere and fantastic view. In-house party, private villas party in Pattaya, we have all the facilities and amenities you need for party and enjoy yourself in Pattaya. Having a good time with friends and family by having a BBQ Party, Swimming pool with slides and pool for kids. Lots of activities are available in all villas.

With more than 300 villas in the system, we can provide you all the request you need or ask for. You can see all the villas on our website and can make a direct call or message on Facebook for a reservation call. Our properties are completable with villas for 2 people up to 30 people. Our villas have 2 bedrooms, 3 bedrooms, 4 bedrooms and up to 5 bedrooms. You can come and request all the things you need in Pattaya and enjoy your time here, we will provides all the goods and information for you upon your requests.

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All Recommended Villas by The Pool Villa City

Villas in Pattaya near the beach with worthy price, latest update in 2022. Villas with private access swimming pool and slides for kids. ALL IN ONE PLACE with US


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Villas near the beach in Pattaya

Pattaya villas that near the beach with less than a kilometer walk.


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Villas in Pattaya with maximum spend not over than 1,000 THB per person


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Villas for above 15 people

In-house party, full function villas in Pattaya. Enjoy the ultimate experience in Pattaya.


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Variety of Villas upon your request, with our filtered you can select your choice

บ้านพูลวิลล่าพัทยา 4 คน
บ้านพูลวิลล่าพัทยา 4 คน
บ้านพูลวิลล่าพัทยา 12 คน
บ้านพูลวิลล่าพัทยา 16 คน
บ้านพูลวิลล่าพัทยา 2 ห้องนอน
บ้านพูลวิลล่าพัทยา 2 ห้องนอน
บ้านพูลวิลล่าพัทยา 4 ห้องนอน
บ้านพูลวิลล่าพัทยา 2 ห้องนอนบ้านพูลวิลล่าพัทยา 5 ห้องนอน

The variety of choice for you

The Poolvilla City in Pattaya, the Pool Villa Center for parties and enjoying with your friends and family. Having a good family trip in Pattaya with us “The Poolvilla City

Pool Villas in Thailand

Recommended Pool Villas by The Poolvilla City

Poolvilla City, low-priced and worth paying for the pool villas in Pattaya with the number of 8 to 20 people above. The location of pool villas is easy to find, our properties have full function-furnished for you to party and enjoy.

  • More than 300 villas
  • Full-functional party house
  • Trust worthy, no fraud
@poolvillacity บ้านพูลวิลล่า

The Poolvilla City, the center of Pool Villas in Pattaya, Beangsean, Jomtien, Rayong and Huahin.


The Poolvilla City, we have plenty of pool villas categories and types for you to select, whether it is near the beach or villas with swimming pools and slides for kids. Our pool villas include the pool villas that are only 200 meters from the beach. Pool Villas for the party is one of the most popular categories that many people come to enjoy with their friends and family in the villas area. The properties we have can contain people from 8 to 20 people above. You can choose from what you like on our filtering on the product page. 


Villas in Bangsean

Pool Villa in Bangsean, villas near the beach with low-price and latest updates. Villas with a private swimming pool and slides for kids and family to enjoy their time together in the special holiday. Let us brighten your day in Bangsean with our various services from the Poolvilla City team that will help you all along the trip with the booking and stay issues. Our properties have many types of rooms, it can be filtered by the amount of guests and bedrooms available.


  • Villas in Bangsean 2 persons
  • Villas in Bangsean 10 persons
  • Villas in Bangsean 15 persons
  • Villas in Bangsean 20 persons
  • Villas in Bangsean 30 persons


Villas in Pattaya

Pool Villa in Pattaya, the best pool villa center in Pattaya, gathers and coordinates with all the nice pool villas that qualify from our team. Our properties in Pattaya are located in every corner of Pattaya City, it includes the north area, south area, and central area of Pattaya. Our villas have a private swimming pool, karaoke, sound audio facilities, and a pool table for you to play with friends and family. Enjoy your time with us in Pattaya, we provide many services for you with 24/7 contact service.

The operation powered by The Poolvilla City


  • Villas in Pattaya 2 persons
  • Villas in Pattaya 6 persons
  • Villas in Pattaya 10 persons
  • Villas in Pattaya 15 persons
  • Villas in Pattaya 20 persons


Villas in Rayong

Pool Villas in Rayong, villas in Rayong with a good location that is next to the beach 2021. The pool villa with the reasonable worth paying price, low price villas. Our pool villas contain these facilities and amenities includes; Karaoke, High-resolution sound and audio, Pool Table, Fancy light and moreover. We have many types of rooms for you to choose from starting with 4 persons and 2 bedrooms as a starter villas up to 5 bedrooms above.


  • Villas in Rayong 2 persons
  • Villas in Rayong 5 persons
  • Villas in Rayong 10 persons
  • Villas in Rayong 15 persons
  • Villas in Rayong 20 persons